08.15.03 5:26 pm
i guess its just that time of year...

yesterday after mom got back from doing the friend thing, i went school shopping with her. i bought some awesome markers that you can write on glass with. its so cool. i wrote all over the van windows and rear-view mirrors. then i went and babysat for the church from 4:30-6:30. that was ok.

today i went shopping with mom again for school clothes. i got some really awesome bobby pins to pin my hair back. its great. i also got a few retro tees. so cool. and i got a sweater. i also got an all american rejects tee. yay!

latey ive been pretty bored with myself. i eat too much and im getting fat.

yes! its the first friday night of the school year! my first of many nights at home! i could go to a show at the warehouse... but im just not really up to doing anything.

blah. thats exactly how i feel.

ugh my stomach is dirsturbing!

its been real.