08.27.03 6:42 pm
russell suspects depression, but mom refuses to send me to a therapist

ugh, ive just been so busy with school and darlin' and kaseys always doing her stupid shit online...

theres not enough time in the day! i just waste all mine! tv is an evil thing... but of course, it all comes down to me.

you have no idea what a difference sitting with people at lunch can make for your morale. its just such a mood booster. even if i dont talk much, i still am a lot happier. that teaches me i should just get up and do things and not worry about what people thing... but lets take this one step at a time, eh?

theres something wrong with my pump and its really pissing me off, as well as my english teacher, im sure. every day, like clock work, it will go off in 2nd period. "occlusion! occlusion!" it beeps, and everytime i go to the bathroom to prime it, expecting lots of air bubbles but whats this? theres nothing fucking wrong with that $5000 piece of diabetic technology! i swear, youd think theyd be able to make them a little less... retarded. *sigh*

i think i might wear my super-cool pleated skirt tomorrow.

there was a horrible storm this afternoon (weve been having a lot of those lately) one with lots of wind damage. the power went out at school during french class which was just about awesome. so while ms flannery was trying to read the newspaper in the dark, we copied the answers to our homework from the teachers edition. ahh, oblivion, i love you so.

i also went to the dr this afternoon. it was for my ear. wow, i must tell you it was one of the most disgusting things ever. they peered into the swollen opening and told me that there was ear wax packed in there against my ear drum and theyd blah-blah and yattah yattah and if it didnt come out id have to go to another specialist. well, the ear wax came out. and ear wax is actually quite disgusting. i wouldnt reccomend peeking into your friends ear any time soon. blech!

i went for a diabetes check up yesterday, too. my HbA1C was down to 8.1%, just 2% away from normal. he said (of course) that i needed to do my bloodsugar by the book for a week so we could figure out the rates on my pump. sooo... im working on that. today hasnt been much of a success, but im trying! its like i just block all diabetes related thoughts from my mind. amazing.

tomorrow i go to the periodontist. i know! enough with the doctors! nothing exciting, just a little more discussing. whatever.

wow, ive been so tired lately.

i know school just started and all, but i have an "a" in biology! woo! go me! hey, i gotta celebrate while i still can. hahaha.

um, i kinda have to poo now.

its been real.