08.29.03 6:48 pm
my nose! why does it itch so?

my mom is just so naive sometimes.

theres a football game tonight. i almost want to go. yeah, im already nostalgic. i hear there will be freeze tag at 9. that would be fun. should i go? i havent seen that crowd in such a long time. im a total square. hehe. ah, either way, ill feel weird around whom ever im with. allyson, allyson, allyson, what will i do with you?

today was one of those falling out of a desk awesome days. the kinda days when hayworth yells at you in the hall. the kinda days when you talk to looper again. the kinda days when you feel comfortable in lunch. the kinda days when you stand next to another pep rally hater and hate on the dancers. the kinda days when you look forward to staying home monday. the kinda days when you play bingo with runts. the kinda days when you have to stick together cause theres only one hall pass between the six of you. but in the end, you know there will never be another one of those days.

yeah, im in desperate need for a social life.

i cant import my former email account! how come itll import my dads and kaseys, but not mine?! why does the world hate me so! oh well, looks like ill finally get the new one i need. so long mocchi_chan! hello... girl_in_sneakers? well see what happens. till then...

its been... real.