09.02.03 3:47 pm
tuesday: part 1

yeah, this weekend really sucked but got better.

saturday we took darlin to the vet for her limping... there we found out that she has cancer in her leg. they said that it will spread to her lungs and shell only live about 3 or 4 months longer. weve only had her for a little over a week, but it feels like weve had her for so much longer. i cried a lot saturday. i hope her life at the track wasnt horrible, because thats where she spend most of her life. i was really hoping shed live 10 more years. shes the most awesome dog ever.

sunday we went to church, blah blah. that was it.

monday we had faren, paul, austin, austin, and hunter (their weiner dog) over for a cookout. poor darlin, the food was just too much for her.

ill have to finish this later, weve got to take darlin to the vet... shes got worms. *shudders*

its been real.