09.06.03 11:44 am
i havent brushed my teeth since yesterday morning...

last night keath convinced me to play age of the empires II online...

yeah, i suck. but im ok with that. and ive got a 12 year old boyfriend, lol. i called him a dork and keath was telling me that he wanted my sn to be 7ups_girl (his was 7up_legend_). so funny.

ive convinced mom to take me out around town since its so nice out. it feels like fall. i love it when the seasons change.

right now im decked out in a plaid pleated skirt, argyles, chucks, a white tank, and a totally kick ass red jacket. i love "dressing up" for no reason sometimes.

i love my fattest cat.

oops, i didnt go to that show last night. damn you keath!

i now have more respect for "dorks".

its been real.