09.07.03 9:23 pm

uh-oh! ive found a picture of myself! would you like to see it? its on one of the local bands web pages. you should check them out while youre there. im the one in the brown strokes shirt. i remember that night, it was so cold! but so fun!

this weekend kinda sucked. after talking to vanessa about how boring the weekend will be, santina called me. she asked if i wanted to go to the state fair with her. i was just trying to talk mom into doing something! wow, what a coincidenciefjksdf. so, i was all, sure! so after about 45 mintues, we were there. i refused to ride any rides (due to my fear of being sick to my stomach), so i watched santina and her aunt and cousin ride them. i went to a sideshow and felt very very guilty for doing so. its just so sad how they show case those poor animals. i got an airbrushed tatoo thats suppost to last a week but is fading as we speak, erm, as i type. i bought a $2 water that was warm. i saw a man that had just vomited corn. hmmm... what else? oh yeah, i rode the bumper cars. that was so hilariously awesome. whee! i ran into phil from french class. he was with some older guy so he acted like he was too good for us (what a relief!). he was dressed sooo preppy, too... hm. santina won teo goldfish! mine is dying right now (havent bought it food yet :/ ). poor santina, after all the rides she got sick. i was so tired when we got back.

today was bad. we didnt go to church but darlin woke me up at 6 am. ugh. she slept with me in the bed! took up half of it though. then we got ready to go to m'boro to celebrate grandparents day and my aunties birthday. everyone was in a mood so long story short, we ended up leaving pretty soon after we got there. so that was like, 3 hours wasted. ugh. but after that i just played soul calibur II all day. yay!

i am tired.

i really dont want to go to school tomorrow.

its been real.