09.17.03 4:55 pm
ill repay you with a short walk this evening

its so cold inside most buildings. i dress for the indoors.

today was beautiful. no, i just dont think ive ever used that word to describe a day, really.

i am so in love with the idea! not just one idea, but lots. you just have to stop and say, "wow." sometimes. i really dont know about love. i was at opry mills with faren mom and austin last weekend, and these two girls and this guy came up to us and was like, "can we ask you a quick question?" and i said, "sure," thinking it would be an easy question of opinion. then they asked me... "what do you look for in a guy?" i immediatly blushed. but ive never had a boyfriend before... and before i could really think, i admitted it on camera. why should i care? i dont know, but i do. then i gave them the usual, "smart and funny, but not a total retard." how humiliating. of course, after they left, i was thinking of lots of great things to say. actually, just one: someone with an open mind and will listen to others opinions. close mineded pepople suck. so now im sitting here, thirsty and boyfriend-less. i know, im such a hypocrite, because i dont know if ive said it here, but i said before that love is such a waste of time. today during english i was goofing with ron and nick and nick, i think, asked me if i had a boyfriend. i said no and he asked be why and i said, "look at me, why would i?" so they gave me the ol' once over and said something like i dont see why not and then hayley was like, "dont think that way..." um, and something about being a goddess and making boys worship you. i dont know. if people say that to me, and guys know im out there, and i talk to guys... whats going on? ill never get my hopes up.

ew, what a totally boring and icky entry. sorry. tis my diary, you know. but that still doesnt mean i cant be disgusted by my own typings. *sigh*

speaking of which, in english we had to do a descriptive writing (which i loathe) and kyles was so awesome. i told him i didnt deserve to live after what i had written. he told me he didnt know how to take that. i smiled and told him it was a compliment. but really he is a murderer through writing! whahahaha! be afraid!

just kidding.

lunch was interesting and fun. monkel (my nickname for michael) and co. visited me and co. at the bench. good times. crazy times. sticky times. my hair is still stuck together...

i guess ive done enough damage today.

its been real.