09.18.03 6:31 pm
its 6.43 pm! ahh!

today was pretty normal. things are getting kidna crazy though, homecomings next week (already? i know!). i think i might go, because the energy at some of the games is just such a good feeling! i think ill just sit on the bleachers on the visitors side and just breathe it all in.

i wish our school didnt cut out photography. low fudning, my ass. you know how much money we make just from stupid fund-raisers? a lot. and they spend it alllllll on the sports programs. my says take it in college. riiight. wait, no, she told me to take a college course over the summer, hehehe, silly me!

its club ruuuush! the halls are sooo crowded. i couldnt find keath and co, so i sat with ashley and co. literally. thats all i did. sit. i ate some pretty yummy chili and chips, though! today i joined le club de francais. i was looking for S.T.O.P. (students together opposing prejudice) but i dont think they made it this year. last year it was run by a couple of lesbians. i just really dont want to be part of the problem, ya know? all those damn people with their eyes set on tunnel vision. blech! im going to ask mrs hendrix about art honor society. she told me i was in it, but i never got the invite... and thats like the one club i was totally looking forward to. man, i was psyched! what else? oh yeah, i got this BETA club invite. my return slip is due tomorrow. im going to do all my service hours at the humane society! yay!

i really dont want to do my biology homework... i just finished writing a paper for english, but weve no ink, so dads out purchasing some as i type.

whats that song with that one line, "were living in danger, sleeping with strangers" i really like it, its got this eighties sound to it.

music, that reminds me of the money crisis im in. asdl;fkjasf!

its been real.