09.19.03 5:46 pm
with all due respect, i hate you.

it feels simply gorgeous outside! its so cool and a little windy. fall is here!

maybe i should go to the football game. it will be cold!

theres nothing to eat in this house. i had eggs for dinner!

today i passed jeff in the hallway. hes sooo... i dunno! *sighs like a school girl*

what is wrong with me?! again, im stuck on one guy for so long, and its espcially pathetic if we dont even talk anymore. ugh. im just so messed up i guess.

speaking of which, i guess my pen pal idea didnt go over too well with you guys? or maybe i was under the impression that people read me when they actually didnt, hahaha.

i think moms home. i didnt have anything to talk about anyways.

its been real.