09.26.03 4:53 pm
i wonder why jake doesnt ride home with his brother?

today mr bluahwghw told me i had pretty eyes. i was kinda taken aback. you know, he is pretty sexy. its so cute when he scrunches up his face when his thinking hard. conversation runs a bit dry between us two. today we talked about mental conditions, loosing feeling, and various game systems. and by we i mean me and kyle and a few other guys.

today i went to deliver my pink socks to michael, but he wasnt there. it was just jeff and co. i couldve said, "hey, jeff, have you seen michael? give him these socks, k?" but no, i peaked in and walked away like a total dork. whats my problem? today at lunch jeff walked by twice, first time he said, "this is the cool kids corner" and the second time i got a sick feeling when he walked by and he yelled, "LP!" at keath, which im pretty sure stood for "linkin park." blah, im hopeless.

tonight is the homecoming game. perhaps ill go. i dunno though, mom wants to take me and kasey out to eat when she gets off work. wonder what brought that on?

ive been sorta fasting today and yesterday. i accidentaly watched the news and they were talking about this horrible stomach virus going around. so now im too scared to eat. i ate a bunch when i got back from school though, i needed food.

today was an awesome day. first the party in first block, where i played cards with weston, keath, alex, cherish, ashley and kyle. then there was the pep rally where brittany g and i devised a plan to moon the entire student body during either a game or rally. id be so stoked to do it, but i wonder how much time id have to do? and i dunno if ill have the balls to do it when it comes down to it. and what if i do it and she doesnt? then at second block kyle told me about my eyes. then third block was a blast. i hung and talked with michael gregory and turtle. i love just sitting and goofing with guys. we had light saber fights with flower stems. we are such dorks! fourth period was the usual card game thing. fun fun! and on the bus, michael said goodbye to me and looked back before he got off. yeah, im totally crazy. so sue me.

today rocked. uh-huh. i am in such a good mood. right now would be a good time to go to a game.

i doubt ill get a ride though. blah. i hate showing up alone, its such a pain to try and find people!

but im still in a good mood! whee!

its been real.