09.28.03 5:33 pm
damn tax man

my mom brought home a puppy saturday. i dont think we can keep it. dont get my wrong, i love it, but i just dont think we can handle a puppy alongside a greyhound.

this weekend was so laid back. i didnt go to the game, and that was ok. im actually feeling pretty good about school tomorrow, too. even though i have a lab report due tuesday. im going to work hard to get straight "a"s, because i really want that $4000 vespa and the $2000 exchange trip to japan. how easy is it to make that much money with your average minimum wage job?

i really want a camera for christmas. id be going through film like nobodys business. im still so sad about school cutting photography out. why?!?

"i dont think ill ever be sorry, im not sorry for a think ive done" rooney

its been real.