09.29.03 6:35 pm
virus, virus go away...

awhile back i had written nintendo power (that nintendo magazine) because im a total dork. i wrote them about how toads voice had gone from cute to hoarse and gross, and i had also decorated an envelope. well, the magazine came and my envelope is in it. woo hoo, i guess. i didnt care about the envelope, i really wanted to get my letter in. i guess that just shows you that its easier to get a picture in than a letter. so if youre at the grocery store or something go to the magazine rack and pick up a nintendo power. see if you can figure out which picture is mine. p.s., my name is at the top of the picture credits list! (yeah, i know, total dorkdom.)

yeah, so that was the bit of excitement today.

you know theres this nasty virus going around (like last year). im too scared to eat anything. its so sad, i know. im not totally fasting, im just drastically limiting my food intake. im just so scared. my bloodsugar has been low a lot lately because of it. i just hope this virus passes soon. :/

mr bluahhghwh wasnt here today and that made me kinda sad. there was noone there to turn around and stare at me while i was working... :(

:9 <-- is that not funny?

i love floriculture and i love michael. i hope im not annoying him. it doesnt matter, hes going out with that 8th grader. which reminds me, ive got to bring some cds tomorrow!

well, its "dinner" time.

its been real.

oh, and there is no french word for "boner." and in english its a synonym for "blunder." what a dissapointment.