09.30.03 8:22 pm
and you know i dont want to go

sneak er snsuch: hey!

LiBs 797 signed off at 8:21:59 PM.


today was good. yesterday i felt like a star in my leg warmers and pleated skirt. today i felt very funky in my antique navy shirt thing. i need to get more funky and unique things.

in fourth block, i laughed so hard i thought i was going to vomit. good times.

my hands are pretty stiff, its so cold outside!

*sigh* i want a guy. blah!

its only tuesday! it seems this week is going by so slow! but tomorrow is wednesday, the middle of the week, before i know it, itll be friday again.

were doing poetry in english, yay! i know this is cheesey, but ive always wanted a guy to write a poem about me. how sad.

last night i dreamed i had a cellular phone. it was kinda weird.

in third block, me and michael listened to my cds. he gave me one that dean burned called "punk only", except there arent any punk songs on there. and michael jacked one of my burnt ones cause it had the shins on it. michael still have my pink tube socks. i think ill buy him some argyles for christmas. a fun time will be had by all!

darlin is making faces at me again.

its been real.