10.08.03 3:46 pm
i saw a beautiful picture today

word on the street is im hott! and by street i mean jeff. we both wore our strokes shirts today.

im so freakin cold! i hate the weather right now. indian summer. you get the first wonderful taste of fall and then it gets warm. indian summer sucks.

today is my moms birthday. i forgot. i felt terrible. she doesnt get back untill around 6ish, so im going to make a cake... or more likely, some cupcakes.

yesterday ms flannery was talking about how she thinks i like canada, and now its weird. i hate it when people tell you they think you like someone, cause then you realize you do and then its like pressure............. but not really, im just stupid like that. blurg.

i finished my design for the french club tshirt. i think its tres cool. alll the old shirts have just had pictures of the effil tower on them, but i decided to draw a snooty-looking frenchman. its awesome. i hope they vote on it. i mean, c'mon, the tower is so tired.

um, i felt like a dork today. for reasons unkown (to you, that is).

yesterday was picture day and i wore my moms old velvet jacket from the 70s. i felt very hip, in a vintage way.

yesterday i was very pissed at drew bailey, but since nothing happened today, i didnt get to give him the telling-off he so desperately deserves.

im tired of trying to keep coherent.

its been real.