10.09.03 6:39 pm
i need an escape

i feel like being creative and making something. but i dont have a friend. i guess that makes me uber pathetic, eh? i seriously dont feel like getting myself into one of those moods right now though.

i want to repaint my room. paint it half green like grass and the other half a pink sky one one wall, blue on another, and yellow, and then gray. then id paint a picture of "myself" and id make everyone that visits my room paint their picture on the wall, too. in the end, i think that only my family would have their pictures up there. no, i must get away from the mood!

i think its really sad how noone writes letters anymore. its all email and aim and telephones. i think im going to look up peoples addresses and send them letters. i doubt anyone would write back though. i love personalizing the paper. for phils get better letter i drew a (sexy) nurse, and on that birthday letter i sent nessa, i drew a girl blowing out the candle on the cake she was holding. i want someone to paint me a picture. draw me pictures, thats all i want for my birthday (which isnt for another two months and six days).

has anyone heard the new strokes song, 12:51? i have, and its been driving my crazy ever since! i think im going to go to their site and download it. yay!

i fucking hate drew. hes just an ass sometimes. he just cant see things. god, wake up you stupid fucker.


i cannot wait till im taking art 2. im going to love it. except im dreading the self-portrait...

ugh, now mother dearest is on another nagging spree. i cannot wait untill i get my vespa... or license. ill be spending most of my time away from everyone.

its been real.