10.11.03 5:38 pm
gee wiz to i gotta pee (sadly, pun intended)

i want to go to the show, but i dont. i seriously need to get myself some freeeeends. did that sound weird?

i watched another 70s rock musical last night. its was tommy, a movie about a kid that goes deaf, dumb, and blind after his mother and lover kill his father. later he becomes a serously sexy pinball king. "that deaf, dumb, and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball!" it was a good movie, i loved it. a bunch of people were in it, jack nicholson, the who, elton john, and holy crap i cant believe i forgot that womans name! but anyways, i give it a gajillion thumbs up.

"fiddle about, fiddle about"

i really have to pee.

i took a shower at three and let my hair dry crazily... if im going to the show that means ill have to take another shower, or atleast re-wet my hair. i need to cut it.

mexican for dinner tonight. yum!

i want to talk to someone. i need some action, people.

its been real.