10.17.03 4:59 pm
casino queen: the loosest slots in town

i got back from missouri last night, man, i was exhausted! it was really more fun than i had expected, im glad i went. ill tell you more about it later.

today was weird. i was gone for three days and came back for one day of school. i was glad to be back though, i love seeing everyone. i said the pledge of allegience, woo. i really dont have much makeup work at all, im so relieved. there was a pep rally today, to my surprise, and the seniors won as usual. floriculture was the usual fun. i played egyptian rat screw with michael then and in lunch. i raped him... he prob'ly wouldve killed me had it not been for the fact that he just learned how to play a week ago. i saw jeff at lunch and although jake tells me jeff asked about me everyday i was gone, he didnt say hey or anything. maybe it was cause he was with friends and i was with adreinne. whatever. french was fun. i sat through a test and then we played card games. i skimped off the last few minutes of class and talked with various slakers in the hallway. i cant wait untill i start having classes with jake. middle school was funny.

so, after that grueling week of school, its finally friday! i made up a little two-liner about today, wanna hear? too bad!

"ooh ooh its friday friday friday, im so happy! (hap-ay, not hap-ee) ooh ooh its friday, its not my day, but im still glad!"

i just thought it was really happy-go-lucky and cute. im totally feeling it right now. i just dont have anywhere to go or any people to see. sometimes it just sucks being me! (i meant to rhyme, hehe)

:/ hm, no emails, no letters noone online i have any interest in talking to...

im such a distant person, when you really look at me. im not close to anyone, beit physically or emotionally. right now im feeling totally needy, haha. blah. i wonder if people dont see me as that kind of person? moving on...

today i realized that i dont sneeze out of my nose... i sneeze out of my mouth.

im thirsty.

its been real.