10.23.03 3:04 pm
ugh, whats wrong with me?

JakGub: JakGub: do ya like her?????

JakGub: or, if u knew her better, would ya

WhoBlowsThere21: i know her alot

WhoBlowsThere21: you idiot

WhoBlowsThere21: i had a class with her

WhoBlowsThere21: jackass

JakGub: but do ya like her?

WhoBlowsThere21: i believe so, yes

JakGub: u are just too cute


i dunno. jake told me jeff was going to come up to me and talk the other day, but pussed out. c'mon now, i know im not that intimidating. so now im in a state of complete and total frustration. *sigh* but, its ok, i guess. haha, and would you believe im still doubtful of all of this? maybe i have severe lack of self-esteem. how sad.

God, darlin' is horrible these days. she can barely move without crying in pain. she can still go up and down the stairs, but not without hesitation. it hurts so much to see her hurting like that. shes only been with us about two months, its just not right. were going to take her to the vet tomorrow, and well have to put her to sleep. i hate it so much. shes so sweet. this is just so wrong.

...yeah, we have today and tomorrow off, as our little fall break. what a freakin rip. it seems like every other county got a week off. but beggars cant be choosers, right?

i got my report card yesterday and i was right, i had all "a"s with the exception of a "b" in floriculture, my only elective this semester. woe is me! in a way, im thankful, because no matter how much i want that vespa and other things, im glad i dont have a job yet. ugh.

i dont know.

its been real.