10.28.03 4:46 pm
and i feel it on so many levels.

today was not a day for being smart. i spelled canada with a "k" and said that the great salt lake was in ohio.

but now i have to poo. haha.

im in another unplaceable mood. i think its good, though. at the moment i feel borderline sexy.

i know somethings up with jeff, cause today during floriculture michael was asking me about him. saying wed make a cute couple and what not. it may not seem like i could put 2 and 2 together, but im aware.

haha, its so funny, because yesterday i was telling myself he didnt matter anymore. that id be more or less indifferent if anything did or didnt happen. i was tired of waiting, and happy were i was. but today im just so- ah!

so the new strokes album is out today, woo hoo! the only thing that sucks about ordering online, is that ill get it in a few days. psh, no way am i spending the price of a cd for over night delivery.

oooooh, the anticipation!

its been real.