10.30.03 6:02 pm
today it was 80 freakin degrees... wtf?

WhoBlowsThere21: how come you only came up stairs once

sneak er snsuch: i dont know

sneak er snsuch: did it bug you?

WhoBlowsThere21: did what bug me?

sneak er snsuch: me only coming once

WhoBlowsThere21: a little

sneak er snsuch: i didnt think you cared

WhoBlowsThere21: i do a little

sneak er snsuch: then ill come every time tomorrow

WhoBlowsThere21: you dont have to if you dont want to

its funny how we dance around it, and everyone knows we like each other, but we just cant admit it. ah, sweet highschool romance.

but yes, i did visit him today! go me! hes so cute...

today was... boring. it just couldnt end fast enough. tomorrow is halloween. i have to bake cookies (psh, yeah right. can we say "break n bake?") for the party in french class. i think we might carve pumpkins later. i smell dinner cooking. one ill pass on. i havent eaten much lately. its weird. im just never hungry anymore.

mmm... the weekend is just around the corner.

its been real.