11.01.03 4:00 pm
wait, im not gonna give it a break

so many fish, there in the sea. i wanted you, you wanted me. thats just a phase, its got to pass. i was a train, moving too fast. didnt understand what to see. yeah, then i got a different view, its you.

"automatic stop" -the strokes

we got our new greyhound today. its lorie, the one i talked about earlier. she is soo tiny! shes way smaller than darlin was. she does this thing with her ears, where ones always up and the others always pinned back, too cute. the cats are a little less stressed this time, im proud of them.

my parents are going to be gone either next weekend or the one after. im stoked, because i think theyre gonna let me stay home alone. of course, kasey will still be here, but still. heh heh...

this album rocks it to the max! my parents still havent returned the record yet, grr.

i need some contact.

last night someone banged on my window. i was half asleep (and it was only 8:45) so i didnt know if it had really happened. i was too tired to go out and see who it was. what a loser, huh?

im hungry, wow. but will i eat? ive had half a slice of bread today.

were doing lots of laundry today.

its been real.