11.02.03 10:35 am
two times stolen, five times bored

i stole this from savingferris who took it from someone else. i couldnt resist. *is shamed*

i _____ allyson.

allyson is _____.

allyson thinks a lot about ____.

When I think of ____, I think of allyson.

allyson needs _____.

if i were alone in a room with allyson, i would _____.

i think allyson should _______.

i want to ____ allyson.

someday allyson will _____.

allyson reminds me of _____.

without allyson i would _____.

allyson can be _____.

worst thing about allyson is _____.

best thing about allyson is _____.

allyson can ____ my ____.

i am _____ allyson.

i want to _____ allyson like crazy.

if i could describe allyson in a word it would be: ____.

leave me a note, write me an email (girl.in.sneakers@juno.com), or sign my guestbook with your answers. yeah, im bored, pass it on.

its been real.