11.03.03 5:49 pm
medical mask, anyone?

oh, im a happy camper.

you know what pisses me off? actually, its two things...

first: kids who come to school sick and contageous cause they want to be exempt from finals. holy shit. its not the end of the world if you have to take a final. it is, however, the end of the world if you make me sick. drew comes to school and hes like, "yeah, ill prob'ly chuck up my breakfast, just to warn ya." and im like... ah. he says he has some sort of virus with a long name he cant remember. holy junk, there are enough sick retards here trying to barely pass classes by not having to take finals. i swear, study, and youll be ok. fajksdfh!

second: i had to go to the doctors this afternoon for a follow-up on my ear (which i failed, i now have various cotton products shoved-in and sticking-out of mon orielle) and a flu shot. i waiting for one whole fucking hour and was in the examining room for about thirty minutes (which i spent the majority of, waiting). i makes me want to cry how much of my life i waste waiting.

today i went for the grunge meets prep look. i got sooo many compliments on my hair today. i think ill wear it again au naturale tomorrow. its funny, i did next to nothing to it and everyones all, "ah!"

i told jeff and alan my skirt story. their response? *laugh* whats bad about that? those guys are so animated. its great.

i really like my lips. and guys with pouty lips... ah!

its been real.