11.03.03 7:39 pm
im so immature! poop!

WhoBlowsThere21: haha im just kidding baby

jake told me hes going to ask me out. mmm, christmas is ruined! all is friends have been asking him that a lot lately (pf, ive got connections). today when i sat with him, wade and jason yelled at him to kiss me. he ignored them, how cute (and im glad, too).

i really need to start getting things together. i need to clean the house. i need to organize my room. i need to train la cheinne... *coughmomlostthebookcough* things are tense between me and the dog. espcially when it comes to "potty time." getting her out of the door has become less of an ordeal though. i hope i can get her into the crate today. she just cant handle the freedom yet. i know you guys are prob'ly freaking out about me putting her into a crate, but its a training method. believe me, i wouldnt do a thing to hurt her.

im expecting mail from jake. i feel like writing real letters again. out of the four a recently sent, i recieved none back. whats the world coming to?

oh yeah, its the kids getting wasted on the weekend.

its been real.