11.05.03 4:49 pm
i just ate two kit kats....

"so, are you gonna fuck?"

yeah, in case you guys havent heard yet, me and jeff, were an "item." mmm, it was so lame, it was so cute. it kinda bothers me that he cant look me in the eyes, hahaha, i feel weird when im looking at him and hes staring into space. i must say though, im on the fast track to being the worlds lamest girlfriend. well see what happens. i hope his friends dont hate me, haha.

today was crazy, for my bloodsugar, anyways. i swear, im out of control... but the weight loss... its so tempting. gah!

today was a beautiful rainy fall day. its awesome when it comes down a mix of water and orange. its still too warm though. holy junk its november and its 80 junkin degrees! when am i going to be able to use my peacoat, huh? what about all the awesome jackets waiting in the stylish kids closets? what about the scarves! think of the scarves!

i went to the doctor this morning about my ear. its not any better. so i have to see a specialist tomorrow afternoon. i hope theres nothing seriously wrong, my biggest fear is silence. i would love to be rid of all this ear junk, though. asdfjk!

im asking for a pair of ballet slippers for christmas. i am going to wear them to school, as i do not dance. i think i will be very stylish and comfortable. (im not getting the point ones, duh.)

mom wants to get another greyhound this summer. it will be crazy.

whoah, allyson is happy.

its been real.