11.06.03 6:34 pm
*snaps fingers and points down the hall* leave

haha, i am such a cheese ball! today i was just so smiley and... dare i say it... giggly! keath even commented on my craziness. i like seeing jeff and i hope he doesnt mind that i dont talk much around his friends. god, i am so lame.

i am very tired. ive lost so much weight. i know i could cure my nakeredness so easily, but that would mean gaining back the weight. i s'pose i should though, because even my size 5 jeans are getting a little loose. ugh.

so i went to the ear specialist this afternoon, a mere 30 minutes late. on the way dad tried to talk to me.

dad: so how was school?

me: well, i got to hang with jeff, and that was yay! fine.

dad: so was that just a friend you were talking in the hall?

me: holy shit dad, i was talking to landen, who happened to be a boy, whats your deal? yes.

fifteen mintues later...

dad: anything you want to talk about?

me: hahaha, why would i talk to you? no.

dad: anything you should talk about?

me: yes dad, im pregnant. please, cant you tell i dont like you? no.

mrs young wasnt here today. that mean fun was to be had by all during english. i played cards with the guys. who are the worst cheaters ever. it started to get really old, really fast.

floriculture was so much fun. we didnt do anything in there but delivery flowers and skip around. mother nature mustve read my entry yesterday because man it was cold! i had mucho fun hanging out on the wall outside.

haha, da fatty looks so cute right now. i wish i was a cat.

mmm... im bored. but tomorrow friday! yay!

its been real.