11.10.03 7:18 pm
ive got homework overload blues, babe.

me: so what are you up to?

jeff: absolutely nothing

me: gah, thats truly the best

jeff: so are you

yeah, i totally make myself sick.

so i just finished writing this damn essay about veterans for floriculture. i hate teachers that assign stuff that has nothing to do with the subject shes assigned. i truly want nothing to do with war and anything associated with it, that is, except for my kick ass bag.

yeah, i totally was building up the patriotism when i dropped everything and wrote, "In all actualiy, all I can think of saying about our veterans is, 'They like flowers.'" then i started talking about how i hate war and that theres got to be a better way. yeah, i was all over the place, and i rambled quite a bit. actually, im afraid to turn this in, also because i know shell make us read them aloud.

its been real.