11.11.03 6:11 pm
i should take a very very long walk.

jeff: yeah, your arms are cold.

me: thats because im not wearing anything... on my arms!

jeff: oh baby, say that again!

i still have a mark from where drew snapped me with that rubber band. bleh.

ugh! we had to take those awful PLAN tests. it took two fucking hours for us to take a test i could probably finish in one. and, of course, we spent at least 30 minutes of that time just filling in our answer sheet with the personal info. i swear, were not fucking dumbasses here. nsdklfja! plus, it was about 20 degress f in that cafeteria... ugh! its november, put on the heat! asdfkjsa. so i missed biology and english, which was nice, but i also missed break. oh well.

bah, moms home.

its been real.