11.13.03 4:09 pm
i sound so stupid.

kid: i saw a dog on ripleys believe it or not that said, "i love you."

me: thats crazy, all my dog ever says is, "shut the fuck up and take me outside."

thats really crazy, cause i totally forgot who said that.

today was really nice. im not doing the absolute best in biology, but i still prob'ly have a "b" or something. were starting a chapter on evolution, and we have to write a paper about it due monday, i think. i hate that. i dont think i talked as much today. some kids are still giving me shit about saying the pledge. i usually start our really dramatic and then say the last half super-fast. i dunno why people find that annoying. weston told me that everytime i make fun of the pledge, i put a tear in a veterans eyes. a veteran whos sitting in a wheel chair, with the flag drapped over where his legs used to be. i had to laugh.

in english i slept again. i should prob'ly stay awake, i highly doubt ill be able to pass julius caesar without listening in. we did take that shakespeare alive! test today. i think i did ok. that book sucked some major ass. i truly feel for anyone who has to read that junk.

chris kelley yelled at me in the hall for talking to matt, "youre cheating on jeff!" so i talked to him and asked him to bring me my pink toob sox back. seeing as how michael wont. i hope he can find them.

floriculture was fun. i hung out with michael all block. we propgated plants, took out the trash, and i got a ride on one of the carts from him and gregory. it was all-around fun.

jeff was in fourth lunch today, so i hung out with him and his friends (he didnt want to hang out with my sophomore ones). it was much enjoyed. drew also had fourth lunch, and i was kinda sad i couldnt hang out with him. he said everyone was asking about the guy i was with, wondering if it was jeff or not. jeff was with me when he asked that, but he didnt say anything. i think its kinda funny how many people said something about seeing my boyfriend today. i like it when he sings.

french was actually quite enjoyable. me and drew finished up our work, then we studied for the vocab test thats coming up tomorrow. then we played cards. we didnt really talk that much. i am so going to fail that "dr mrs tramp-face" quiz on tuesday, but i dont really care.

my nails need filing.

youd be surprised how much i dont know about pop culture. its actually quite sad.

yesterday me and michael crammed each other into the flower fridge in floriculture. then we both got in. then we removed a bucket of flowers and ashley got in. then we did the same and addrienne got in. it was hilarious. ive never laughed so much in an enclosed space before. the flowers really smelled bad though. me and michael also had a soap fight. it was great. we never got it all off though.

haha, i really like spending time with people. its awesome when you have so much fun doing nothing.

tomorrow is friday, i hope i can go out.

its been real.