11.14.03 5:25 pm
my dad said he sent the package...

in one month and one day, ill be 16. woo. hoo.

it doesnt seem like ill be doing anything tonight. jeff has to spend the weekend with his dad, and drews not talking. blah. hopefully mom and dad will let me stay home though. i really dont want to spend my weekend without parents in m'boro. plus, i have to write a paper on evolution. drew called me "closed-minded" because i said i didnt understand why people cared so much about where we came from, espcially since there are so many other things that need to be delt with in the present. it pissed me off so bad when he said that, but we were talking by next block.

damn, i sure could use a whole weekend without the parents. the only thing is, itll be with kasey. ah well, we cant always win.

i feel very... i dont know how to say it!

i really dont want to write that paper.

its been real.