11.24.03 3:54 pm
theres an itchy bump on my cheek...

im so cold, but so happy.

today was fun. today it was (and still is) freezing! i got to school with about 15 minutes to spare, so i talked with the gameboy geeks, sauntered on over to the bathroom and talked to brittany and santina. then i resorted back to the gbg's. noone wanted to play cards, i think gregs in another weird mood. depression? so then drew walks in and hes like laughing but in a nervous, "ooh man, whatd i just do" kinda way. he goes on to tell me that he ran into the back of jeff and that now hes afraid jeff thinks he ran into him on purpose and stuff. that made me laugh. something about the [lack of] relationship between those two. cause drews like my brother. well biology was fun. ron made many wise-ass comments and i laughed a lot. we learned about tape worms and the like and it made me feel kinda sick. i know, im a wimp.

wow, english was not cool. i got a 7/15 on my memorization, but i deserved it. i started out with a strong, "friends, romans, countrymen, lend me your ears..." and then i kinda stopped. i guess it was kinda comical, cause everyone laughed. i stumbled through most of it... oh well! it wasnt that major a grade. then i slept through the rest of the class. i just dont care about school anymore, and drews right, we picked a rotten time to start. the end of the semester when everything counts for real.

michael wasnt in floriculture today, and it did stop me from having a good time. it went by kinda slow, but it wasnt horrible. nothing happened.

lunch was so quiet today. noone really talked at all. it was weird.

i was talking to jeff about him stealing the little foot moves for his hand shake from my footshake. he asked me who did it with me and i said drew. then he started again with the, "i dont want you hanging around that kid, i dont trust him". and then he told me about drew running into him this morning, and he was like, "i dont even fucking know that kid!" that made me laugh sooo much. crazy crazy kids.

french was interesting, as always. me and drew started out singing the cool whip song and then we settled down for a bit to "learn". then we sang and drew on the chalkboards. good times. you know, i just realized what ms flannerys teaching method is. its reading out of our textbook. thats all the does. reads out to us, assigns us work, and gives us tests/quizes. i am so glad that this is the last semester i have to deal with that. a few more weeks and im done with french!

god, i am so cold. i hate how my mom wont turn up the heat just cause shes going through menopause. i mean really, shes the only one who doesnt like it so she should just deal. god, this sucks so much.

im soooo glad we only have one day of school left this week. and brittanys coming down wednesday, so well be doing some serious catching up with everyone. it should be much-o fun-o.

its been real.