11.25.03 5:52 pm
i dont know how to act, its lovely

he hugged me and said, "youre mine, and i am so glad." i think i laughed.

i dont know why, but i was soooo happy today. even if keath was contaminating me and i prob'ly failed two tests consecutively. it was just so nice. so cold.

noone likes my armless/legless jokes. i thought they were so funny, too.

guess what i finally got today? yeah, room on fire! ive already heard it many times, but now ive got the lyrics and the thing. i hate copies.

my breath is like an old person. i hate that. but, alas, im too lazy to brush my teeth.

i could really go for some chicken and stars! mmm mmm good! too bad america is so commercial.

i just had a really awesome idea for revamping my old and battered bedroom pillows. if i have any free time tomorrow, i will most certainly give them the much needed make over. i feel so creative!

...alright alright, i stole the idea from a magazine, damn.

i want some of those tacky tassels from the 70s. y'know, the orange trim with the pom poms on it. so neat.

drews telling me jokes. i am laughing. i love laughing.

um today rocks. i will stay up late and watch the strokes on connan o'brian. theyre so sexy!

"happy that you said youd mount me" -i cant win, the strokes

wow, what a raunchy line. i love it.

its been real.