11.28.03 11:28 pm
wow, im going crazy here

it snowed today. actually, its still spitting quite a bit. what a way to kick off the holiday season. man, im already sick of the christmas carols.

i just got back from walmart from grandmas house. i isolated myself on the second floor. loverly. i get home and caller id tells me that drew has called. that pisses me off because brittany has already ditched me twice since shes been here. i dunno, i just expected to be more of a priority on her list of kids to visit. i guess thats really concieted. i dunno, if its just that if i hadnt seen my former close friends in a long time, like her, well, id be jumping at the chance to. does that make me a desperate person?

the rapture is on dave letterman. sexy.

ugh, i really hope i can do something with geoff tomorrow. i havent seen him since tuesday. yeah, that makes me pathetic.

i feel bad for not eating anything today. i mean, i was at a thanksgiving get together. oh well, the cookies were good.

i look very college cool right now. in my hunter green blouse under my peacoat with my army bag. espcially with this julie andrews sound of music haircut i got today. kids, i actually shed a couple of tears after i got this. i think im warming up to it now. after all, its not like i have the bangs.

well, it is getting late, and my sister is having another one of her frequent bratty fits, and i dont know how much more of dads feet i can take.

god, my family is so annoying. i really cant take them very well.

six months from the date... the date is not yet set. urgh.

ill be sour sixteen in two weeks. hoo. ray.

its been real.