12.02.03 5:03 pm
im waiting for you to tell me what i believe in

all i want to do is fool around. all i want to do is foo around. is that too much to ask?

wow, what can i say? the clams werent as fun as i expected. maybe the crayfish tomorrow?

jeff got his braces off. i dunno, i kinda liked his braces. ah well, hes so cute. he liked my hair today.

hehehehe chris slapped graham this morning and man did his nose bleed. it was so funny cause michael comes up from outta nowhere with this toilet paper from god knows where and gives it to graham. there was much blood and much doubled-over laughter.

i failed the julius caesar test. *sigh* i guess ill have to start staying awake in english now. which i did today, the great gatsby is actually pretty interesting... even if i am only on the second chapter, haha.

french class was tres amusant today. first off, ms flannerys daughter was with us today. shes one outgoing 6th grader. damn, i wish i was that outgoing. so me and drew are working, then we give up and surrender to the craziness thats going on. then we end up participating in organized craziness by trying to sing french christmas carols. wow. im so shy when it comes to singing.

actually, im pretty shy, period.

yeah, [edit] bothers me. i dunno what to do, though. im so stupid like that. all in all, this kinda sucks. im almost confused. i really want [edit], its so frustrating! *sigh*

no, im not a lesbian... its just that i talk about it so much, it even annoys me.

its been real.