12.03.03 4:47 pm
*sigh* we still havent kissed.

hehehe, its soo funny how excited keath and alex are about us attemping to break that record. it makes me laugh, cause im into it too. but, wow. i dont know how well ever manage to organize all this. now i know why noones gotten past 31 hours, its such a pain to get everything together! damn, weve got to have like nurse practioners there! or r.n.s, whatever. maybe we can snag the suppost of one of our local news staions. wouldnt that be funny?

"i didnt hug you enough yesterday." geez, you say stuff like that, and yet you act like you dont want to call me or hang with me on the weekends. whatever, im a total sucker for him anyways. for some reason jamie was talking about prom. he asked us if we were going. its in april, i think. will we even be together then? jeff seems to think so.

me: but thats in like, a year.

jeff: hey, im a junior, i can take you!

me: i know, but will we be together? *hugs*

hahaha, hes so sldkfjasdfk!

gah, its so hard to type in the dark.

there is a golden penis spray painted on the brick wall outside of the floriculture room. mrs shrum thinks someone in our class did it. shes royally ticked. i find it fucking hilarious. yeah, i was going to write about that in a much more amusing way, but i kinda dont feel like it. deal.

surprise surprise, i had a dr appointment today. it kinda pisses me off a lot when noone informs me of these things. so i left school during lunch. while i was there i found out that ive lost 8 lbs! i weigh 117 lbs and im 5' and 4 3/8". i also had to pee in a cup. man, i really hate that. i like peed all over my hand. not cool. i think sometime in the near future, there will be toilets in the offices that have like trays that pop out of the bowl for you to pee in. hahaha. then i had to get my blood taken. my veins are pretty small, so the nurse had to poke around for awhile. so that made me really faint and we had to take a bit of a break. she was really sweet, dispite the fact that she looked like mrs davenports sister. so i finally got blood taken and a few tears were shed. im sorry, i hate that! so, in the end, dr cindy wants me to go back to the therapist. because i have no friends to talk to about my feelings. my life sucks, but im not depressed.

hahahahaha, prom!

its been real.