12.08.03 4:52 pm
"keep it country"

today was absolutely beautiful.

in biology ron made many a smart ass comment, and i laughed my head off. then weston alex and i started on dissecting the fetal pig. drews in texas shooting deer and such. i felt bad to be laughing so much at a dead pigs expense, but really two crazy guys and a dead pig... who wouldnt laugh? you know, it really doesnt smell all that bad. its just a really chemical smell. we hit the jackpot with our pig, it oozed brown liquid when i cut into it. we still havent named it, the dissed wilbur... i s'pose it is cliched.

i knew it. i knew something bad would happen with jeff. god, its horrible




he cut his hair! hehehe, what were you expecting? its not really that bad, its just i do love long hair. nows whos susan mcshorthair? yeah, its him.

in english we took a practice gateway. i finished it in 30 or less. so i blew the rest of my time acting like i was studying or something.

ooooh, theres a show this friday and saturday! friday its at the wearhouse and dannys band will be playing! so ill get to hang with him for a bit! im so excited! though ive heard that his band really really really bites. oh well. some gave all is playing too, but i dont really care for them, other than the fact that they wrote a song about our local rapist, mr kelly. so jeff will definately be coming to this one. wow. well actually be doing something.

floriculture was a load of crap. it had its moments though. none too awesome.

so ive lost about 8 lbs, and now many of my jeans are a bit too big. but mom wont buy me anymore right now (i guess dont blame her, who would want to go back to the mall now?) she just tells me to stop losing weight. its gay.

im being distracted by the beatles. and im afraid i cant be brought back now. hahaha.

its been real.