12.10.03 5:37 pm
i want him too

ooh the anticipation for friday! it will be sooo fun! did i tell you already? im sure i did. wheee! yeah, thats how much of a loser i am.

so today we took the biology gateway. i finished mine in about 30, but there were these two girls that took the whole fucking block to finish theirs. thats about an hour thirty. it pissed me off and it pissed off a bunch of other kids too. but thats really bad of me, i know. im sorry.

today ashley and i finally got to sell roses! too bad it ended up in a very very big puddle. that was pretty hilarious though. we were pushing the cart with all the vases of roses on it and we decided itd be cool to go very fast. well... we stopped but all seven of the vases decided to keep going. we were so lucking none of them fell off, but man, there was water everywhere! we couldnt stop laughing and i almost peed myself. good times.

yes, jakes birthday is tomorrow! woo! and even though i never really talk to him, im making him a card tonight. i really need to do something creative for someone.

go here for cheap fun. its rather grand. i love it.

hehehehehe, jeff wants me.

its been real.