12.17.03 4:55 pm
everybody was all "i love the smell"

j2 sure does stare. its kinda unnerving.

today was really slow and empty. thats what happens when youre one of the few unfortunate kids that have to take all of their finals. ill probably be stuck at school all day tomorrow, because i dont have my lisence. what a loser.

so i started using the crest white strips yesterday. i dont think they made them long enough. oh well. in 12 more days, my teeth will be whiter... i hope.

so... i still have no idea what to get jeff for christmas. i was thinking about finding a really original and clever shirt or something. my other idea was something for his room, because he just moved into another one... but i dunno! i just hope he doesnt get me a stuffed animal.

the beatles are uh-maz-ing.

school sucks at the end of a semester.

its been real.