12.20.03 8:55 pm
happy holidays

i will be flying down to see my aunt in atlanta sometime within the next two months! im so excited! im going to be flying solo, and im nervous, cause ive never flown before! ah! but im sure ill make friends with whomever im sitting next to. it shall be a fun adventure!

so today i did christmas on my fathers side of the family. it started off really shaky. at home i was lazy and cold so i slept while mom slaved away making last minute dishes. in the car:

mom: i dont want to listen to your crap!

me: i listened to your crap even though i didnt want to...

mom: dont ever say that again!

me: what? its just music.

mom: its not "just music" its christmas music!


shes home, i dont feel like stirring up any more trouble, finsih later.

its been real.