12.30.03 11:04 am
retainers and a discolored tooth, or no retainters and lack of tooth?

i called jeff at around 11:15 last night and woke him up. i felt pretty bad. man i was so awake though. yesterday he asked me why i liked him. i wish i hadnt told him i didnt know. cause its not like a couple of things you can put your finger on so easily. i like him cause hes jeff. do you know what i mean?

today i think im going to the mall with the guys. michael, elmo, j2, and this kid named markus. what a fucking awesome name. so that should be mucho fun. i just hope we can get a ride somehow. actually, michael called me last night with elmo on three-way. elmo didnt really talk much, i think he was there for moral support or in case of conversation shortage. both my mom and i think michael has a bit of a crush on me and that really sucks. i dont want him to like me cause hes a really cool friend. and hes also a friend of jeffs and i wouldnt want anything to happen between them, either. so anywho, i think hes trying to get me to dump jeff or something, but that wont be happening anytime soon. jeffs so sweet. but me and elmo did come up with a new church, since were not to fond of any regular denomonations. its the "first united church of losers... of america!". im in charge of decor and snacks, michaels the preacher, and elmo is the music director. well be taking up offering at every meeting, er service, so we can have some sort of scandal of our own. hahahaha.

its too early for me to be online, hahaha, and i only just woke up. i feel totally grungy. i need a shower.

last nights entry was gay. i really hate how sometimes i talk/write like im an old person in a documentary. i bet it puts people off. its really getting out of hand. like, it used to just be little words or phrases, but now... im ashamed of myself!

hahaha, its been real.