12.31.03 7:25 pm
happy new year... ill still be lame!

hahaha, it seems everyone was at the mall yesterday! i was, too, but i didnt see as many of the people that whitney and brooke did.

yeah, yesterday was another loooong one with the guys. i (well my mom did, none of us have our licenses) picked up michael and elmo at 2:30 and we met justin and james there at electronics express. i guess we hung there for awhile trying to pick out a game for justin, and he settled on a bruce lee fighter. then we went to hot topic to look at the nintendo jackets. i needed a jacket because it was cold outside and i left mine in the car. also i dont have a bluish one, all of mine are black. well we didnt find anything at hot topic and we really only spent about 30 seconds in american eagle... the guys hated it there, haha. "its gay in a bag!" -justin.

then we braved the cold and walked across the street to goodwill. wow. some good times were had there. michael and justin had a haggard contest, hahaha, it was soo funny. i think ill set up a website for the pictures later on, great stuff. we found a ken doll with sequined pants, and as if that werent enough, he had a fucking rat tail. holy cray that was funny. the guys put him in some awkward positions on a clothes rack but in the end he shattered and his limbs were all over the floor. i bought a bright orange poncho, justin bought a 75 cent vase, and michael bought a tshirt from his former elementary school.

so, after atleast an hour at goodwill, we went back to the mall for some food. me and justin got strawberry banna smoothies, then they got burgers and i got fries and mcdonalds.

then we crossed a busy street to get to media play. i really hate cars and busy streets, i was so glad we made it across alive! hahaha. so we mess around at media play and then justin starts bugging me about how he needs to go home. then we made up some massive rhymes together. so after i bought radioheads latest (hail to the theif) and elmo bought a foo fighters dvd, i called my mom and told her to meet us at marshalls. apparently they had argyles there or something, i dunno, michaels weird.

so at marshalls we really didnt do anything but sit around on a furniture display and talk. justin gets the idea to invite michael and zach over to stay the night so he needed to call his dad. noone had a cellular phone so i told him to ask customer service about one. he told me he was shy so he went with me and i asked. i told him i didnt believe him. the lady says theres a payphone outside, but i only saw one way down the strip at media play. so justin claims to his shyness again and i walk with him to the phone. hes such a cute kid. hes a fourteen year old freshman, geez. so on the way back we have a little race and i totally beat him. then there was more hanging around and then we go outside and find out my mom was waiting in the lot.

on the way to justins we played cars in the back of the van. a little cramped, a lot of fun. hahaha, im so corny! so when we get there justin invites me over and mom oked it so im in.

we played a bit of cards then justin whips out his horrible new game. bruce lee sounds like a freakin chicken and he tip-toes up the stairs. bad buy. so we talk and hang out. those kids are great, save michael, hes getting on my nerves. justins dad comes up and says hes going to the y and asks us if wed like to go to walmart, so we do.

man we caused a rukus. i thought michael was going to get kicked out. great times i tell you!

when we get back to justins we pop in a frozen pizza and break out the strobe light. crazy crazy boys. then we all get dizzy. then we have a pillow fight. photo op as we all pile onto the desk chair. cant you tell im getting bored with talking about this? um, then we ate pizza. michael got annoying. he spit pepperoni on us. he threw crust in our drinks. then he eats half a styrofoam plate and coughs up the other half. funny, but gross. i inherited a bit of that silly non tolerance from my dad. hes gay sometimes. after we ate we went back upstairs and talk. justin wanted me to stay the night too. so after the guy called their moms, i called mine. she wouldve let me stay but dad didnt. justin even offered me pajamas and a toothbrush, what a kid. then the guys played tony hawk underground and i battled sleep untill mom picked me up at 10:45.

before and after i did all that junk i mainly just slept. i love not having to go to school. its going to suck having to get back into the wake up early ritual.

yeah, so im the (one of the) only kid(s) not doing anything tonight. i screwed around asking about everyone elses plans thinking id be with jeff. but as always, he cant do anything. hes babysitting his little sister and cousin while his parents are in nashville. how gay. he did however get his license today. but he still doesnt have a car. its all ok though. just one step away, i guess. theres still parents...

i dunno though. its like actions speak louder than words (i know, what a cliche) and his arent telling me he likes me. bleh.

me: ...i mean, its like what kind of guy is he?

mom: allyson! what kind of girl are you?!

its been real.