01.03.04 10:27 pm

i honestly dont know what im waiting for (and thats a lie), but here i am, sitting.

ive spent the last 24 hours or so with santina. that was pretty fun.

im exhausted.

i finally found the white low top chucks. i am at peace with the world. but theyre far too clean.

i have absolutely no money. at the mall santina convinced me to get my nails done. big mistake. what a waste of 25$. ive already filed them down to their former length.

um, i really miss jeff. as pathetic as that may sound. but i dont understand why hes so gay. hes got his license but he still wont do anything with me. and ill say it again, actions speak louder than words! he tells me he likes me but he never calls! jamie (his friend) was working at mcdonalds the other night and he asked me about jeff. i asked him what he does all day and jamie said he just sits around and does nothing. what the fuck? oh no... am i pulling a claudie?

i erally dont have anything to say.

its been real.