01.06.04 4:14 pm
boring jeff stuff, duh, im totally lame

classes are awesome. except i already have homework in geometry.

i made a minor mistake though (this has nothing to do with my schedule). not cool.

i dont have any classes with drew this semester, and that makes me sad. i do, however, have lunch with him! and jeff. that will be interesting. im not quite sure how to balance boyfriends and boy friends, and girl friends for that matter. and my friends sit and the table next to his. how gay. so i was sitting with friends then jeff told me to sit with him so i did. well it was rather boring as i have no clue what those guys are saying half the time. so he was like, "you dont have to sit here, blah blah." and then i asked him if he would be mad if i sat with drew. he said no so i left. hahaha, im absolutely horrible! jamie was being a wise ass and said, "most healthy relationship ever!" as i walked off. yeah, im obviously problemed. or i make things a lot harder than they are. i dunno.

he drove to school today and offered j2 a ride home. hello? your girlfriend who rides the bus is standing right next to you.

jake, who i have two classes with, told me jeff is scared to death of me. holy hell, wtf?

people, i am not that intimidating! im not intimidating at all!

ugh, i am just messed up. all i talk about id the boy im presently liking. is there no end to this girlish insanity? im mentally unhealthy, arent i?


its been real.