01.07.04 4:43 pm
you can now live my life, block to block

right now in another window, i am trying to redo my photo album at snapfish. even though it screwed me over last night, half of the pictures went through and were saved! yay! so now im adding the rest. ill put the link here as soon as everythings all nice and neat.

today was im guessing what the rest of my typical days this semester will be like.

this morning before school, i chatted a bit with greg then i hung (hanged?) out with drew and aaron across the hall in their small animal care class. the python in there has such a cute head!

i was actually kinda stressed in art II. all this talk about portfolios and the future. ah! but today we worked on contour hand drawings. i havent warmed up to structured drawing, im quite rusty. but im still excited about that class!

after first block i waited up for jeff and co and we walked upstiars together. bigham was talking about drew, calling him a bitch and saying he was going to beat him up. this was obviously brought about by yesterdays lunchtime fiasco (i just like that work, ok?). i guess jeff said something to them about it? he acted a bit weird. so i feel bad about that and i hope this doesnt last cause i dont want them to make drew feel bad. though i highly doubt drew would feel bad over something like that.

in world geography we discovered that our new teacher was none other than... MR COTHERN! im sooo excited! right off he made me his teachers pet, so to speak. but im glad hes our teacher cause drew said he was really cool last year. he is quite the character. he went on and on today and easily got himself off track on whatever he originally started out talking about. good times.

during break i saw elmo. i tried to say hey to him earlier, but he ignored me. so i told him about it and he apologized and it was funny and cute. hes a character.

in geometry we went over our homework (that i never finished) and then started on some crazy logic problems. i worked with whitney and lemme tell ya, im not that great at them. but whatever!

at lunch i ate with whitney and then hung out with jeff after. that will prob'ly be the routine for the rest of the semester. the whole time during lunch, there was this kid staring out of a classroom window that you could see through the courtyard. it took awhile for whitney to finally see him, but he was really bothering me and was kinda creepy.

we got back to geometry and we working on our new homework assignment. *sigh* geometry sucks.

and so does stage craft. the dynamics in that class totally blow. for the girls, anyways. guys can pretty much get along with anyone. but the whole period went by and practically noone said anything till the end. we started to play cards buy mrs k-b told us to put them away. looks like all well be doing is cleaning for the next couple of weeks. sucks ass.

michael made me wait up for him so we could go to the bus together, i guess. so on the way i talked with alan about why he calls he "jeffs gf" instead of "allyson". ("i do it to show how little respect i have for someone that would stoop so low and go out with jeff.") hes joking, but its funny cause hes jeffs best. so i try to catch up with the guys as theyre running to catch the bus ("bye allyson, i mean, bye jeffs gf! i almost showed you some respect!"). i actually sat with them and elmo seemed pretty excited, hahaha. so we talked about how lame we are for not getting out permits yet. chris is getting his license sometime this month though. then all the guys got off but elmo. we have the last stops. right before he got off he tapped me on the shoulder and said, "im gonna tell you bye." and left. bwah! hes so cute! hahahaha.

im really thirsty.

i really forgot what else i was going to say. i know, running down my day is so boring. but im finally getting back into the school groove and i like it. yay!

its been real.