01.08.04 4:41 pm
i think, therefore, am not

someones gonna lose or something gonna break. its feels weird and its bringing me down. is this how it ends?

so like, its been different with jeff since we got back from break. hopefully its just cause we havent seen each other in over two weeks *glares and grumbles*... but thats still amazingly gay.

my jacket did smell like ass today, perhaps that was it? but c'mon, it was either that jacket or looking like a lesbian. ill take stink over dyke any day. its the haircut, i know. *sighs*

im so incredibly needly, but i dont really do much to help myself. what a life i lead.

stage craft went up a little on the fun scale. me and ashley did clean a sink using a chemical that emitted massive fumes. i think it was something along the lines of paint thinner. everyone was coughing and complaining about their eyes when they walked into the small unventilated room, but i only had a small stomach ache. that was prob'ly just cause i hadnt eaten much all day. jake thinks that rachel is a lesbian and is crushing on me. i just with shed stop following me around. she so not fun.

i hope ill be starting my oral surgery soon. i really want that tooth, holy shit.

i absolutely adore justin medica. hes so freshman. he knows my van, so he waited for me this morning when mom dropped me off. i want his jacket.

you know, chris has a lot nicer voice than i expected. he moved into my world geo class. apparently, he is god. and speaking of world geo, mr cothern lost mucho points today. all he did was talk. and talk. and talk. he veered off track so many times but managed to bring himself back. i would sleep in his class, but im like his pet and i feel bad for teachers like that, so i have to humor him. plus im in the front row. oh well, i enjoyed that kid who randomly yells "ball sack!" in class.

um, today i feel extraordinarily lame. totally uncool. i bet jeffs going to his dads house this weekend. gah!

its (unfortunately) been real.