01.10.04 8:11 pm
more jeff shit. just move along, folks.

yes, im an incredible sarcastic bitch when in certain situations. and being like that only makes the other person feel 10 times worse, and me feel worse as well. but im so damn frustrated, i really think ive tried all i can and im tired of dropping such obvious hints, hell, theyre not even hints anymore. it makes me sad that im acting so stupid but sdklfjasdf. heres an example of my bitchdom:

me: hey

jeff: why hallo thar

me: not watching the titans game?

jeff: sort of

jeff: u?

me: no, i rented movies

jeff: boring

me: right, and youre always amazing fun

jeff: thanks

jeff signed off at 8:09:55 PM.

and yes, aim conversation is about the only contact i ever have with him outside of school. isnt it if two people like each other it should be easy? i know i will bring about the end to this relationship. i will cause the break up but i wont execute it. thats my prediction. im not even sure if i really like him, but i still feel like crying. i guess im just pretty fucked up when it comes to relationships.

but hey, im #1 on michaels "kewl" people list. yay, that makes everything better.


its been real.