01.11.04 8:36 pm
now im off to watch movies. yay.

yesterday i went shopping and got two pairs of jeans (both size 5, wow!) and two button up shirts. we also looked into cellular phones.

last night was loads of fun. after i ate with les grand-parents i went to wal mart and got an apple patch to sew on an old polo shirt. then i came home to find a message from santina. so i call back and end up spending the night at her house. we ending up making what we thought was a freakin hilarious movies, but when we watched it, we realized that we are total idiots. then we watched slc punk and went to bed around 3ish.

i woke up at nine and got ready to go to mboro. mom didnt pick me up till around 11. i wasted one hour of sleep. so in mboro i hung out with faren and her friend elaine. that was fun. shes going to take me to get a tatoo this summer.

yes, i condensed this majorly, but thats because im lazy. i had mucho fun.

i havent really talked to jeff all weekend. im going to talk about it tomorrow.

elaine can really read people.

its been real.