01.13.04 4:49 pm
i think ill go ruin my shoes now!

god, i fucking love art. im thinking of painting that hand on the toe of my chucks. i dunno though, if it looks stupid, it prob'ly wont come out easily. how well does acrylic hold to rubber?

holy crap. the announcer at my school is quite the character. he recieted a rather emotional poem about wrestlemania. yes, there will be a wrestling match at school tomorrow. which happens to coincide with cowboy day. damn, hendersonville isnt that redneck!

were talking to each other through little lines of beatles music in out profiles.

me: i get turned away when you wont see me

him: If I seem to act un-kind, it's only me, it's not my mind.

i think its funny and disfunctionally cute.

i have geometry homework. its going to be getting hard soon. i hate that class, but atleast mrs scott lets us eat suckers in class.

i dont know about urinals. why do guys need special facilities for peeing? and why arent they in stalls? i dont know many girls who would pee infront of other people. santina on the other hand... hahahahahahaha. what a crazy night.

ive totally forgotten what i was going to say.

i overheard a few student council memebers talking about nominations for class superlatives today. they only vote within their group. how can you pick out who has the best style if everyone gets their clothes at the same place? i think "emo" and "indie" kids have the best style, not the "preps". and the obvious candidates for best hair also belong to groups like "emo" and "indie". hehehe, i really am no better. i guess i wouldnt vote outside a "group" either. um, so this paragraph was completely pointless.

i wish i was a better conversationist. or maybe i unmeaningly set myself apart from everyone else? not in terms of "whos better than who" but by the way i think. or was that contradictory?

hahahaha, i cant image what whitney, brook, and, lindsey think when they read my diary. if they do at all. it must be so boring.

i feel like being creative but lack motivation. i want to be, if that makes any sense.

its been real.