01.14.04 4:37 pm
oh, and my stomach hurts, too

lat night i talked to jeff (online, of course) about going out and stuff. i wonder if i came off sounding like an ass, cause i kinda felt like one when all was said and done. buts its all ok. im glad i finally got that off my chest.

ahh, i am so pissed! and deeply sadened, too. last night, even though i was told acrylic wouldnt stick to rubber, i painted my shoes something awesome. so i wore them today and they withstood! anywho, i really love what i did to them so i decided to spray a layer of polyurithane (?) on. well i go downstairs and find a can. i teseted it before shaking it, and it came out clear. so then i tape up my shoes and get ready to spray them. but i decided to test the stuff once more before doing it. so i sprayed it on a green napkin and it just looked wet. i noticed some green had gone through to the white park, but i just figured it was dye from the napkin. well, i spray it onto the shins side and its was green! i was so pissed! so i try to rub it off but it didnt really work. i ended up taking off more blue paint than the green shit. ugh. i dont think ill redo it, ill probly let that wear off. i hate doing things twice and they usually end up looking worse anyways. man, that sucked!

in art today i screwed up my project. i started coloring it with acrylic paint instead of the prismacolors. mrs k said it was ok, but i decided i couldnt do all the little detail with the school brushes, so i had to draw it over on the other side. that pissed me off. i started to color it a little and let me tell you, i hate primacolors. they just dont look as nice.

during second block we went to wrestlemania. instead of sitting with jeff and co, i sat with brooke and co. it was ok. it got a little boring after awhile, but atleast i didnt have to listen to mr cothern talk for an hour and thirty.

in geometry mrs scott said wed be eating 1st lunch tomorrow due to a quiz. today i totally zoned out and drew a pretty kick ass picture, if i do say so myself. i did do all my work though and didnt have to take any home.

in lunch jeff kept looking at me. he made me feel guilty. hahaha. since its like a spirit week for the coming home thing, student council is doing stuff during the lunch periods. today they we asking for random things and whoever brough them up first would get candy. that was kinda funny. 3rd lunch is really small, so it was great doing the game. it was more like a classroom and everyone was paying attention and noone was being gay. it was cool. then i hung out with jeff for a few minutes. well, actually he came to me. he sat next to drew, and drew was on the edge of the bench. i felt kinda bad for him cause that left him out of the conversaion. oh well.

during break i hung with jeff and his friends like i usually do. right before i left though, jeff told me he loved me and gave me a peck on the cheek. hahaha, it was sooo cute. espcially how he changed the subject really quickly afterward and asked how i was. i didnt really say anything, i just laughed, so he told me to get to class. i didnt want to leave... *sigh*

fourth block was actually ok. i bordered on sleeping while mrs k-b talked about various theatre lights for about an hour. then we played a gay game. ashely rachel and i just kinda stood back, awestruck. it was about the gayest thing id ever seen in my life. then i had to pair up with rachel. im not too fond of her. shes... i dunno. anywho! then we moved boxes and kinda hung out. then me and ashley went to get duct tape, but no luck. then about half the class sat in the dressing rooms and goofed off. that was great. i guess i should talk to people more often, hahaha. theyre not nearly as bad as i thought they were. im just horrible when it comes to judgement, i guess.

JakGub: guess who

moderndaysquare: jake

JakGub: no, it's jeff you silly goose!

moderndaysquare: really?

JakGub: i'm at jakes house

moderndaysquare: haha, thats almost close to my house

JakGub: should we come over

moderndaysquare: if youd like

JakGub: that was jacobv

JakGub: he likes hard pee pee


moderndaysquare: hahaha

JakGub: ok, now its jake

JakGub: he's going to get beat when i'm done with this message

moderndaysquare: you guys can come over if you want

moderndaysquare: haha, you probly deserve it

JakGub: No, i beat jeff, he started crying like a little bitch

moderndaysquare: tell him that you were pushing me around today, maybe hell hit you even harder

moderndaysquare: ooh

JakGub: i did

JakGub: he smacked me

JakGub: and i punched him in the balls

JakGub: annnnnnnd its time to go!

moderndaysquare: and whos talking?

JakGub: jake

JakGub: jeff is reading

moderndaysquare: oh

moderndaysquare: ok, well have fun!

JakGub: he says you type sexy by the way


JakGub: BYE!

moderndaysquare: hahaha

moderndaysquare: later

they wont come over, but thats ok, cause the house is messy, i have a headache, and lori pissed in the living room. holy shit shes a fucking rash.

its been real.