01.20.04 4:47 pm
wow, im boring and predictable. not even me saying that is new.

ive just realized how unrealistc the cartoon "clifford the big red dog" is. not because clifford is a big red dog, no. its because hes got the voice of a 20+ year old and him and his friends are all playing around in leaves. shouldnt a 20+ year old dog be doing other things? its just not realistic. espcially since hes always hanging out with that one girl dog...

yeah, that was totally embarassing and stupid. blame it onthe low bloodsugar...

and yet i dont erase it and start over. obviously theres an underlying hope that you people might find it a teeny bit funny. cause i thought it was clever as hell.

anywho! i love jeff.

wow, thats not much better.

how bout this? i should be cleaning house but instead im risking being grounded to type about nothing.

thats nothing new.

forget it.

its been real.